Bengal Indian Restaurant 3.5/5

I really enjoy Indian food, and Bengal delivered very good but not fantastic food.

We tend to do a very similar thing at Indian restaurants every time we go: We order Garlic Naan, Rice, Butter Chicken, and one other curry main (we try to get something different every time).

The Butter Chicken was good, but the meat was not as tender and the flavour not as enjoyable as other restaurants we have visited. The Naan was delicious and actually was one of the highlights of the meal for me. We ate beef masala as our second curry, and although the flavour was fantastic and the beef was very tender, I found the capsicum (green peppers) to be undercooked.

For dessert we shared the Gulab Jamun, which is a traditional Indian rice dessert, which is basically rice pudding balls flambeed with cardamom syrup, and I thought it was absolute ambrosia!

We always enjoy a good BYO, and I would say overall Bengal is worth a visit, though don’t let the uninviting neighbours deter you.

*The Pictures are courtesy of Bengal Indian Restaurant

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One response to “Bengal Indian Restaurant 3.5/5

  1. Hi, nice article. The Food of India gives you a real taste of one of the world’s great cuisines. In India dishes vary not only from region to region but suburb to suburb, the range and scope of local specialities is endless

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