Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant (Victoria Park) 2.5/5

Such delicious food has no business being in a restaurant with such poor service and uninspired decor. I will not likely be returning.

We came into the restaurant and after looking around decided to take a table by the window. The restaurant is plain, with a few cheap paper lanterns and a gold Buddha head, which really didn’t set any high expectations. We waited for service but no waiters could be seen and for the next five minutes we shared awkward glances with the only other family in the restaurant. Eventually I got up and went to the counter looking for menus or a bell of which there were neither. I sat down again and we waited a few more minutes before a waiter casually appeared from the kitchen and brought us menus. Not two minutes later he was asking what we wanted to eat, and was visibly annoyed when we had not decided. He brought us a small bottle of water and did not bring a new one or ask if we wanted drinks at all during the visit, which we definitely required as some of the food was spicy.

We ordered Butter Chicken, Beef Masala, and Chara Ko Sekuwa, with rice and cheese naan, all of which were flawless, deliciously spiced, creamy, and well cooked. I would regard my score as 2.5/2.5 for the food, and 0/2.5 for everything else.

When we had finished eating the waiter did not come to clear our plates for quite some time, and finally when we went to pay our bill at the front, he told us that it was impossible to split our bill three ways, but he offered to split it in half (not really a great option for three people.

Overall, my experience was tainted by the less than average service, and I would not recommend this restaurant.

My rating: 2.5/5.

*images courtesy of Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant

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