Cable Beach 5/5


This is my choice not only for the Best Beach in Western Australia, but in ALL of Australia. Forget the crowds of Bondi and Cottesloe, this idyllic sandscape was unbelievably quiet. It is a breathtaking 22 kilometres long and it is one of the widest beaches I have ever seen as well. The sand is soft, the water gorgeous, and the sunsets magnificent.


If you’re looking for something unique north-rocks-cable-beachto do here why not go for a sunset camel ride with Red Sun Camels, or for the bold, the section north of the rocks is designated as a nude beach. Unfortunately I have no pictures for that experience, but a word of caution: if you plan to do this apply sunscreen liberally and frequently, as some parts unused to sun exposure burn very easily! My own mistakes in this area made sitting in the car for the 14 hour drive to Karijini very uncomfortable.

Another thing to consider at Cable Beach are jellyfish. The infamous Box Jellyfish and the Irukandji are seasonal visitors to this area, so please educate yourself on the dangers. That said, it didn’t stop us from skinny dipping just beyond the sign notifying us that the most recent Irukandji sting was only days before!


I cannot stress enough that this should be on every visitor to Australia’s list.

My rating 5/5.

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