C Restaurant 4.5/5

Photos of C Restaurant, Perth
This photo is courtesy of C Restaurant

This is the best fine dining restaurant that I have found so far in Perth. The food and service are excellent, and the views are spectacular. I have been to C twice now, and both times were an absolute delight. I will review the food that  I ate:


Photos of C Restaurant, Perth
This photo of C Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Traditional Black Angus beef Carpaccio served with avocado guacamole, rocket leaves, wonton crisp, and walnut crumble 

I actually got this both times that I have been to C, it was simply too delicious to pass up.  I must admit that the first time I ordered it, the plating was much better, with less guacamole, and it also included shaved Parmesan cheese (an absolute deal breaker for me).

Freshly shucked Cowell SA oysters, natural with citrus and champagne mignonette, Kilpatrick or finely chopped celery and Bloody Mary dressing

Steph ordered this on our second visit, and she found them to be absolutely delicious! She chose the natural option and was absolutely delighted.


Homemade potato gnocchi with a Napolitana, spinach and gorgonzola cream sauce, roasted tomatoes garnished with a parmesan cheese crust

This was Steph’s choice of main (and she also ordered it the first visit as an entree). The gnocchi (learn the correct pronunciation please) is a rich, filling dish. The texture and sauce were beautiful, and the serving is ample. Steph suggests that if you plan to order the gnocchi as a main, then you should consider having a lighter entree.

Market fish of the day served with confit tomatoes, cucumber, squid ink seafood ravioli, black olive tapenade and saffron beurre blanc

This was my choice of main on the second visit. The fish was beautiful, with wonderfully seared skin, and the squid ink ravioli was delicious. One of the best fish dishes I have ever eaten.

Confit of duck leg, dauphinoise potatoes, orange and carrot purée, courgettes, Cointreau jus

Photos of C Restaurant, Perth
This photo is courtesy of C Restaurant

This was the main I chose on the first visit, and it was in my opinion the best dish of all. Duck that is properly cooked and seasoned is to die for, and this was no exception. It was simply an enjoyable experience and I would recommend this above all.

Photos of C Restaurant, Perth
This photo is courtesy of C Restaurant

Keep in mind, that fine dining with views like this comes at a price, and we payed between 200-250AUD for 3 courses and a bottle of wine, but if you have the money to spend, in my opinion it is worth it.

For the full menu visit: http://www.crestaurant.com.au/menus

Become a member free or like the facebook page for specials and discounts!

C Restaurant website: http://www.crestaurant.com.au/

My rating: 4.5/5.

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