Little Creatures 4.5/5

This is bar none my favourite destination in Perth.


Where to begin? The building for this incredible brewery was originally used as a boatshed/crocodile farm, how cool is that? Better yet, the name is said to come from the Hobbit, in which Tolkien describes little creatures running from ale house to ale house*.

The Food


The food is all delicious. I would highly recommend the pizzas, of which my favourites are the the Harissa Spiced Lamb, Melanzane and Feta, or the Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Lemon Thyme. Beyond the pizzas I would highly recommend the frites (pronounced however unfortunately here as FREETS), which come with an aioli sauce on the side. If you are looking for something different, why not come down for breakfast?

The Beer

littlecr-paleThis is the reason to come folks. The Pale Ale is my absolute favourite brew. It’s light and complex flavours are an absolute pleasure to drink, and for me this is the quintessential Pale Ale around. Beyond the Pale, I would recommend any of the single batches available, the current one is a hefty red IPA which punches an even wilder flavour than the Pale and at 4.6% it goes a bit to your head. All the other choices are worth sampling, I am not a huge fan of the bright ale, but otherwise they are all classics. There is simply a quality coming from a smaller brewery that cannot be matched by the larger groups which pander to a wider audience with bland flavours, and all I can hope is that the recent purchase by Lion Nathan does not destroy this incredible unique brewery.


My experiences here are always interesting; it is a fantastic place to meet with friends, the most popular of which is without a doubt the “Sunday Sesh”, an Australian tradition of getting together for drinks on Sunday afternoon. If you plan to try the Sunday Sesh, be warned that it can be quite busy and there is often a waiting period for tables. The staff are a unique representation of the microcosm that is Fremantle, with a indie/hipster vibe that cannot be ignored. That said, the service is almost always lacking, but it is something that you just have to deal with to experience this unique and incredible venue. You can sit in the main beer hall, the front beer garden, the back patio on the Fremantle Harbour, or for a bit more swanky environment, why not try the Loft next door, which is a first floor** lounge with an outdoor area overlooking the harbour and a great place to watch the sunset.

visit their website at

My rating 4.5/5.

*I cannot find a specific reference in The Hobbit, nor in Lord of  the Rings to support the claim, and it was more likely an imagining of Howard Cearns, one of  the founders, that came as a result of reading the Hobbit. It has also been suggested that the name comes from the Talking Heads album “Little Creatures”, which seems more likely, but I prefer to think that Tolkien was the inspiration.

**First floor in Australia refers to the floor above Ground floor.

†The pictures of the outdoor patio, and the pizza are courtesy of Little Creatures.

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2 responses to “Little Creatures 4.5/5

  1. The name Little Creatures was more likely inspired from the little creatures (cultures), which are involved within the very early stages of the brewing process.

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