Matso’s Broome Brewery 4/5


One of the most important things to do in Broome is to visit Matso’s Brewery. This place is an icon and although you can find their beers and ciders around Australia, there is nothing like getting it right from the source. I hear they have a fantastic food menu, and that the ciders are great, but unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to sample these things myself, so I will stick to reviewing the things I have experienced.

The location of Matso’s is good, boasting ocean views, though not the best views in Broome by any means. The atmosphere is ultra-relaxed, the staff are friendly and the outdoor deck area is perfect. All of these things add to the overall experience, but for me, this visit (and my rating) come down to one thing: the beer.

Matso’s does not have a huge selection like some other craft breweries, but they make up for it in unique flavours and absolutely stunning quality. I will review four different beers which I have tasted at Matso’s in Broome.

Chilli BeerPhoto Courtesy of Matso's.

This powerhouse of a beverage has a bite that might scare away some (Matso’s claims that it may be the hottest chilli beer in the world), but for those that can stomach a bit of spice, it is a unique and thrilling experience. Certainly not a beer that can be drunk in large quantities (at least by me) but a good way to make sure that you pace yourself. Not the best beer for Broome’s climate in my opinion, but nevertheless it would rank highly on my list.

Photo Courtesy of Matso's.Smoky Bishop

The theme of this beer range is unique, and this dark lager is no exception. It has a deep, full flavour with strong smoked chocolate and coffee notes. Like most dark lagers, the flavours are complex and heavy, but the range of smoke flavour in this brew is absolutely unique and I love it.

Mango BeerPhoto Courtesy of Matso's.

Perhaps the most well known brew of Matso’s is the mango beer. This blend suits the climate perfectly, it suits a wide group of people with varying tastes and exhibits a wonderful balance between sweet and dry. An absolute must.

Ginger BeerPhoto Courtesy of Matso's.

For me, this is their best offering, and among the best beers in the state. The light alcohol percentage and smoothness make it a perfect choice for a hot summer day (which is most days in Australia). If you taste nothing else at Matso’s this is my absolute recommendation. I have tried ginger beers from several other brewers, and none can come anywhere close to this perfect blend (though the nearest would be Mac’s Ginger Beer in New Zealand). Matso’s recommends it as a mixer for rum, which I have yet to try, but it sounds great!

We were definitely satisfied customers at the end of this selection.


photo courtesy of Robbie Hatch.

photo courtesy of Robbie Hatch.

To take a look at all they have to offer, to place orders, look at the menu or anything else, check out their website at:

My rating 4/5.

*photos of beer courtesy of Matso’s

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One response to “Matso’s Broome Brewery 4/5

  1. I’ve had a few of their ciders while travelling down south. I’ve been looking forward to going to Broome so I can check out the actual brewery. Glad to hear it’s worth the visit.

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