Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge 3.5/5

Clancy's Fish Pub

**I have revised the rating on this post, Clancy’s Canning Bridge has undergone renovations since the original post below, and I feel that it has lost much of its local charm. Where once it had the brooding atmosphere only found in a local pub it now has the sterile, uninviting decor of a lunch-time diner. Though my feelings on the food have not changed, where once this was our local haunt, we have been left to search for another venue for our weekly catch ups. The layout of the renovations have meant a great loss of seating space, and have divided the pub into two sections, which is not very conducive to their once legendary Monday Quiz night. If you’re looking for some of the classic vibes of Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge, I would suggest checking out their sister location in Fremantle.**

Clancy’s represents Perth’s commitment to providing fine seafood to creatures this side of the deep blue. Though the decor is a bit dated and the place could do with a bit better lighting, the friendly staff and local atmosphere leave little to be desired, and the food is a step above your normal pub fare. This little nook has become a regular haunt for our group over the past couple of years, and I can’t imagine having to take our dollars or mouths anywhere else. Besides the food Clancy’s offers a range of live music, DJ entertainment, and of course the infamous Monday Night Quiz. If you think you’ve got what it takes to challenge Quiz Master Steve Willis, get a team together and make your way down. The action starts at 7pm but be sure to get there early as it fills up quickly.

My recommendations for the food and drink:

With quite an extensive drinks list it’s hard to go wrong, but Little Creatures Pale Ale is delicious, and Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider is a great lighter choice. For the food, the fried squid is some of the best I’ve had, or the Chicken Parmigiana is a good choice. For the more adventurous folk, give the Fried Mice a go.

Clancy's Fish

With four great locations around the state, Clancy’s provides top notch food and service to a range of hungry sand-gropers** (Though each location will get its own review). There is parking just off Canning Highway, or if you plan to sample their alcoholic fare why not catch the train on the Mandurah line to Canning Bridge stop, a short walk away. Check out their website for opening times, menu, and a list of upcoming events:

My rating: 3.5/5

*It has come to my attention that Monteith’s is no longer being served on tap, which leads me to threaten lowering the rating by half a point, and I pray for its return, but I suppose Bulmer’s or Magner’s will have to suffice for the time being.

**Sand-gropers is an affectionate term describing West Australians.

***Quiz Master Steve Willis no longer works at Clancy’s

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